Important Announcement

Important Announcement

On Monday, like many others, we thought we had lost our restaurant, with no income for ourselves, our staff or the business. On Tuesday, with little guidance, we took control of our circumstances and decided that we would open a non-contact takeaway, to safeguard the jobs and income of our staff and ourselves.
By Thursday night we had a new menu and payment system, Noble @ Home branding and packaging complete with distancing and sanitising procedures for our stock deliveries. We implemented a food reservation/ordering system and non-contact collection, all within 48 hours. It was mentally and physically more draining than when we opened nearly 4 years ago.

In 3 days, we had provided over 300 takeaway meals. Today we packaged home roasts for 200 people. The support we have received has been overwhelming, with constant tears and quivering lips from your messages of support.

Our team is simply the best, and we love them and this couldn’t have happened without them.

Now we know that with the support of the government, a level of financial security exists and therefore our initial goal has been met.

We now feel the greater social responsibility, for our staff, our families and our customers. From today Noble will shut it doors to everyone, customers and staff, until such a time that we can reopen again as a restaurant. We feel that we cannot continue to operate in good faith and believe that the severity of the situation now overrides anything else. We will now be putting our efforts into helping those who are most vulnerable at this time, however we can.

We feel an incredible amount of pride, for how we adjusted our business to cope with the threat of COVID-19 and we will always carry that with us. We cannot thank you enough for the support we have been shown by all our customers, your individual words and actions mean so much to us.

Who knows what’s next, but we will see you on the other side. Maybe even for another takeaway.

Thank you

Pearson & Saul – Noble.

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